6 Key Rationale Behind Using WordPress for Your Website

November 22, 2019

You might be hearing quite often as to why you are not using WordPress instead of your old website since globally, people have started convert website to WordPress. Now different questions might occur in your mind like why should you be using WordPress when your old site is working just fine!

You might get confused about what are the added advantages that WordPress provides and the need for you to switch platforms. Reading this article will help you make an informed decision as to why you should be using WordPress.org as the motherhouse.

If you appoint a WordPress theme developer, he will tell you it is a myth that WordPress is used only for blogging. Initially, though, it started off as a blogging website but later on has been developed as an extremely useful website builder and much efficient content management system.

WordPress has gained worldwide popularity because of the simple reason it is extremely easy to use. Almost 32% of the websites on the internet are using WordPress, including the top-notch brands like facebook, sony, The Newyork Times and Disney.

Here are six key rationales you can consider behind using WordPress for your website.

six key rationales you can consider behind using WordPress for your website

1. You can use WordPress free of cost! You have to bear absolutely no charges for the installation of the software, its activation and running. Also, you can just modify and customize the panel to the extent which will cater your need. You can then go ahead with it and create any types of website you want to. There is a ‘but’ to this factor. While you can use the WordPress website for free, you need a budget to invest for the domain name and getting your Web hosting. There are ample hosting providers out there on the internet amongst which you can choose. Generally, people tend to use Bluehost or GoDaddy. After you have got a domain name and a host, you are all set to go.

2. You can modify your WordPress website by using different plugins and various themes. You do not have to be a professional website designer for using the WordPress. In fact, reviews say that there are people who have used WordPress without even having proper knowledge of website designing. WP provides a variety of theme options for your ease. You will find a theme definitely matching your need be it for a beauty product website or an e-commerce site. Apart from that, you will find different colours, fonts, text designs which you can use to customize your website just the way you want, or you need. There is no code for using it.

3. You can also include the plugin to your website. While most of them are free, a few which are of the premium version will charge you money. You can use the plugin areas for including separate icons like a membership form, contact details, form etc.

4. Did you know that the websites build with WordPress have a higher ranking rate in terms of the search engine than the regular websites? Actually, WordPress is a site that is made with high-quality code to ensure perfect semantic markup. WP is extremely SEO friendly, and you can use the plugins to optimize your website. Almost all the SEO, including google on the internet, is in love with WP Websites as it assures the quality. Now you know why you should be convert website to WP.

5. WordPress provides all-round security to your data and your website. It has been built in such a way that your experience of using it remains incredible. While it is believed to be almost a safe site on the internet, you should be aware of online hackers and online threats. There will be some people who will just do anything to get their grip on your website. You can use the security packages available on the internet against such online dangers just for some extra security.

6. WordPress in never about just writing texts and creating blogs using it. It has been created with a built-in media player by using which you can upload different audio or video files, including images. On top of that, you can use it to include tweets, posts from the Instagram of Facebook, Youtube contents and sound cloud music. Isn’t it amazing?

7. Lastly, it is to be noted that WordPress is extremely easy to use. The admin dashboard holds varied options of plugins and themes for you to choose amongst. You get notified every time something new arrives on the collection. You can keep a backup and store your data safe if you are afraid of online hacking by using the protect your data option from the WordPress site.

If you do not know how to use the WordPress or design a website, you can consult a WordPress theme developer.

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