Best Webinar Platforms In 2020 – Complete Guide

April 26, 2020
Best Webinar Platforms

Webinars are a platform where people get a chance to create high-quality visual communication between people who are situated in different areas. Best webinar platforms are a key source through which one can procure for the better use of networking and hold webinar meetings when it is needed. The webinars are available for search engine optimisation like the Yoast SEO. In every manner, webinars provide for great success and effectiveness leading to a better result.

They build brand value which is targeted for a particular audience and helps such a particular audience to be engaged with the webinar making the brand more known and successful. Webinars can also ensure the attendance of every member to have better closure of the meetings with everyone’s presence. Communication through these webinars is considered highly as a part and parcel for being the best webinar platform for small businesses.

In a small business, the number of skilled labour tends to be less which increases the workload of technical background. In this situation using webinar platforms for official meetings and communication decreases the chances of miscommunication and saves time and labour. There are various situations where it is not viable to have regular summons of meetings in the offices making it difficult for the company’s progress. In such a situation webinar platforms work the best as the work is not compromised in any manner and is safeguarded with the SEO.



Non-profit organisations hold a great network of employees, volunteers, members, trustees, etc. communication amongst all these people is utmost for the smooth functioning of Non- profit organization. The effective webinars platforms encourage people to be informative and educative of the various goals and attributes for what the organisation stands for. Members during webinars are engaged to the information being provided and also get a chance to have their questions discussed unlike in pre-recorded videos.

Webinars can also ensure the attendance of every member to have better closure of the meetings with everyone’s presence. They can be in the form of lectures, official meetings, seminars, video workshops, presentations, etc. webinars also help to build certain relationships in the company making them accomplish the goal of an authoritative brand.

Organisations that are non-profit are common all around the world. Various institutions like these need constant communication between the members of the trustee or the volunteers of the non-profit organisation. Thus this communication is entailed with the use of webinars bringing all the concerned parties together for acquiring common goals. Hence the best webinar platforms are used by the people to have their word spread around the world and fulfil their motive of building a successful brand.


Webinars are the best way to communicate and educate the audience to have them engaging in the conference. Hosting a webinar determines the connection and a tool to educate an audience efficiently and swiftly. Hosting lectures and sessions determine the general purpose of having an e- classroom for reaching out to various students located in different areas. This venture helps to cover the inability to have lectures and classes with the audience being present in one place.

This also helps to save time, energy, and costs from different sources bringing out the best knowledge and for the experts to discuss the topic. Best webinar platforms bring an interactive session in which a huge amount of people can participate with more teachers and professors. There is also integration amongst the people regarding sharing information and knowledge on the subject.

Education is an important aspect of life in general. To be able to access the humungous knowledge out there through the best webinar platforms for education is a great opportunity for the students who can’t afford the expenses. The teachers and professors control the session or webinar with various features made available to them through such webinars like mute or unmute options for better governance of the sessions. Some webinars also provide chat or text options side by side with the ongoing session. This helps the students to share their opinion or ask doubts that they might want to convey to the host or the teacher.



Webinar issues a great deal of opportunity mainly for small businesses. The best webinars for small businesses provide for an interface for SEO and other amenities. An online webinar or meeting is completely different from meetings conducted in offices.

The costs of transportation, bills, catering, etc. restrict the company’s resources whereas when it comes to online meeting such restrictions are abolished and the benefits of such a webinar become limitless. There are various attributes which determine why webinars are best for small business

1. Presenting a new venture of the company

This benefit involves where a company is looking to launch a new product, launch a new branch, or hold an annual meeting of the company. It is financially exhausting to accommodate members of the company from all over the world or the customers for that purpose. However, webinar eradicates such problems into asking just a few hours of their time to just join the online gathering which is cost-efficient for the small business and also easy to handle.

2. Recording of the meeting

When in a small business, an important matter is being discussed the presence of every employee becomes very important. But when due to some circumstances few members can’t be physically present, so then in that situation webinar can be used to ensure their presence and also record such meetings for further reference and diligence. This recording works as an archive for the company records and future ventures.

3. Inevitable situations

Like in the present time a pandemic is a situation where gatherings and physical meetings are being restricted. In such a scenario it becomes very difficult for a company to keep working at the same pace as before. The absence of physical attendance of employees creates problems that can be financially deterrent. Many businesses are dependent solely on customers and their attendance. But in the case of IT companies, it’s different.

Due to the SEO system, it is easy for people to work from home regardless of there being an office or not. The work can go on by using the best webinars out there and holding meetings and conferences for the business. This is deed becomes a huge relief for the companies in the IT sector. Work from home reduces the cost of daily expenses and gives better access to every employee through such webinars.

4. Cost-effective

In webinars the meetings, conferences, etc. are conducted at a reduced rate of expenditure for the companies. The benefit of webinars is hugely appreciated as the transportation cost, management costs, certain bills are narrowed down to minimum charges.

This benefit is most effective for small businesses where they have just started and have less amount of funds and fewer employees to work with. In such an IT start-up, for example, it becomes very convenient for the companies to seek out webinars and conduct their daily activities and meetings through that.



Webinars are a source of communication that entails a wide range of possibilities for the companies to hold their daily meetings and conferences. The best webinars platforms provide an effective interface for hosting and engaging the audience in the seminar.

There are various things are needed to be taken care of before accessing the webinar. They are as follows:

1. Having a purpose or topic for discussion

When conducting a webinar for many reasons one has to outlook the goals or the topics that are to be discussed in the webinar. It is crucial to understand the importance of an effective webinar. Without such a goal the webinar would lack the conclusion and will not produce the desired results.

2. Allot work amongst employees or assign projects

The work allotment and tracking the work progress becomes a difficulty when there is work from home or the absence of employees. Webinars ensure that the work is being monitored on a daily basis and there is the transparency of the work being done. It also helps in tracking the work progress and giving out feedbacks to ensure that the work is continuously going on.

The tracking of work can be done with the customization of the webinar software that they use. A lot of the webinar websites provide attendance, tracking work progress, etc. for the host of the webinar to control the work being provided for and to manage the entire process.

In an education system, webinars can be used to conduct special extra classes which can be assessed for particular students to bring them at par with other children. The webinar provides a wide range of assessment for the small businesses, education department, and the non-profit organisation which they can alter according to their needs and necessities.

3. Suitable timings for the webinar calls

It is important to note that webinars provide flexible working hours for people even with different timelines all around the world. Having the work done through webinars brings great effectiveness as regardless of the working hours the employees can submit their work before deadlines or students can submit their projects as before the declared deadline. Travelling and managing staff or students takes up a huge amount of time making deductions in the progress in the overall work. Hence it is always advisable for the organisation to have work done on time with the advantage of using the webinars.

4. Handling polling and surveys

Another effective tool that has to be construed in a proper manner is the surveys. There are a lot of online surveys that can be conducted with the help of webinars following the issues of the companies or in the education department. These surveys help companies to reach a better place by following the user’s needs and desires. Surveys done in person may take a lot of time and might not give easy results as possible. Webinars also provide a customized interface for companies to access it as they wish.

5. Solving issues

There might be some incidents during webinars where the internet connection is low or the video is lagging. In such scenarios, it is always suggested that companies should be prepared for the problems that may arrive and provide assistance for the same. The prerequisites of having a smooth working internet connection are to be fulfilled ensuring a successful webinar.

The trustworthy webinar platforms look after all of these technical issues and help the companies or the host by assisting the same. Challenges are part and parcel of businesses and thus these challenges can be tackled out by mere preparation and due diligence.

Some of the best webinar platforms that are available are:


One of the best webinar platforms is Demio. It is efficient for mac users as the webinar can be recorded easily in the cloud. The streaming quality of the webinar is of HD and serves great visuals. The pricing for the usage of this webinar is reasonable. The software can be bought on an annual basis. They also provide different packages with different tools and features ranging from $34 to $163/mo. It provides 24/7 availability to all its users.

Important features

• One can record up to 100 videos or conferences in the storage capacity provided by the Demio.

• There are various tools available for tracking the work progress of the company.

• Provides for customization of the various options and tools available in the webinar software.

• HD streaming of video for conferencing, meetings, seminars, etc.

Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja

The go-to webinar software that one is looking for is webinar Ninja. This webinar provides quick access to their software. It is being used by many major brands for its smooth and effective performance. Their speciality is providing different types of webinars to its users. Some of the features include automating webinars, hybrid webinars, series webinars, and live webinars. All of these tools give a variant outlook of the software and does not restrict the company to use a certain given type of webinar.

Webinar Ninja provides for 14 days of free trial for its users. The pricing of this webinar ranges from $39 dollars with 100 participants’ limitations. They also provide other plans costing $79 per month which allows 200 viewers. Companies on the basis of their liking can choose the type of plan that is suitable to them and their employees.

Important features

• Gives customization features regarding converting, registration, surveys, etc.

• Displays offer for users during the webinar

• High screen quality with features of live chat.

• Campaigns and automating email feature.

Click meeting

Click meeting webinar is one of the most popular webinars concerning the company’s sale, friendly interface, training sessions, etc. the click meeting webinar platform helps its users to have a vast well-integrated space where their small businesses can be accessed and promoted. It also provides for different types of webinars like automated, live, etc. they are meant to be most suitable for small businesses compared to large businesses.

The webinar provides for a pricing package for a mere $25 per month which is only available on an annual basis. This pricing is less compared to other webinars and useful only if a business has 50 or less than 50 viewers for the webinar.

Important features

• It provides connectivity with YouTube and Facebook to better promote and engagement of the business.

• Regarded best for well-integrated surveys and polls for small ventures.

• The recording of the video can be easily be uploaded in clouds for better access and download the material.



WebEx has been regarded as one of the most successful webinar platforms. It is a product of a parent company called Cisco. Having a parent company WebEx is used widely as for its multi-features for audio and video resembling it to be as high degree video conferencing. It also provides customization in the software as the businesses need and desire. Through WebEx, one can also partake offline and online training videos and hold conferences for the whole organisation.

The pricing of the packages is lower than all other webinars as it is limited for 50 viewers for the webinar. It would cost a company around $13.5 / month which will be billed annually and there are also packages available for the companies if they want to increase the no. of viewers.
Important Features

• Provides for mobile applications for webinar purposes.

• Can be recorded and downloaded from cloud-based storage

• Good streaming quality and customization available.

• Well-integrated association with the applications


This webinar platform makes the top list for its distinctive features. This includes a great variety of features with a very friendly price range affordable to all businesses. One of the features allows the users of this webinar to set up their own room for a conference that is very user friendly and has good accessibility. This webinar is offered by G suite providing for customizing options, polls, etc. It is based on a cloud storage facility which also helps users to record or download the webinars.

Webinarsonair provides for a 30 day free trial for all its users. It’s also cost-effective as the packages cost just $19.97 dollars for one month making it best for the companies from a financial perspective. It also offers unlimited viewers for $99 dollars a month.

Important features

• The hosting is based on cloud

• It has great tracking tools that enable them to promote to a certain target audience.

• It can hold up to 50,000 participants for a webinar and provide access in less than a minute.


GoToWebinar is webinar platforms where you easily host and have your business reach out to several. This provides for better access to having to choose a date on when you can host a webinar. One choosing this webinar would not have to go through an ensure process of organising and customising the webinar. This webinar ensures quick access and features for its users to have a better experience of using the webinar platform.

The price package of GoToWebinar is of a premium range. It costs up to $89/month for 100 viewers. The high pricing gives away a great number of features and access to various tools that come handy when using this webinar.

Important Features

• HD quality video conferencing

• Tracking tools for users

• An Automatic webinar that can be recorded online

• Help and customer support.



Livestorm webinar makes the best webinar platform list with its efficient remark and easy to use the feature. The software is built to curb down any restrictions that may come up regarding the participation of attendees. It provides with a tool which gives access to various kinds of the webinar.

There is also a unique feature called email Logistics. This feature helps the user to send out the mails to its viewers regarding promotion sales, description, the status of the product, etc. the price range for this webinar starts at $31 per month which allows only 8 participants. For higher no. of participants higher range is also made available. There is also a free trial available for the user to test the efficiency of the webinar platform.

Important feature

• Provides the best security for the webinar users

• Streaming of HD quality

• Features like automation of webinars, invitation tools, screen sharing, etc.

• Well, integration with other apps associated with Zapier.

• Great variety of webinar themes.


One of the best software and making the list for the top 10 is Webinar Jam. This webinar software is known for its distinguishable features. It is a software which is greatly used by many businesses such as Non-profit organisation, education institution, etc. as the accessibility to this software, it’s very simple and easy in nature. This attracts a lot of users to their software. One distinctive feature is that it allows you to stream directly with the YouTube stream in a much secure manner.

It is an updated webinar with the latest technology making it compatible with all the webinars out there. It also provides customised features for companies for their desired design for webinars. The pricing of this webinar is based on a yearly basis with differing no. of participants. The starting package is $499 per year with 500 access limitations and 3 presenters overall. The plan also extends to 1000 and 500 participation with an increase in the price range.

Important features

• Recording feature which is done automatically

• 24/7 customer support

• Quick access and set up process being completed within a minute.

• Great streaming quality

• Integration with YouTube and other associated applications.



BigMarker is a company that is considered the best for video conferencing, seminars, and webinars. The streaming capacity of this webinar surpasses other webinars and provides for up to 10,000 attendees for a particular webinar. This feature really makes this webinar unique as there does not exist any other webinar that does hold these many participants. The limit on presenters is also not restricted as can contain as many as the company desires.

They also provide a variety of tools for having a smooth video conferencing and live video. Providing with customization option, it makes the entire process for any kind of institution to have a successful webinar with maximum no. of attendees.

Automated webinar with well-integrated tools and other software is yet another grand feature about this webinar. One company that wishes to drive up its sales can certainly bring about a prospect that can be used for surveys and polls through automated webinars. The webinar is also accessible on a browser that requires no installation of any software whatsoever. It can be joined through laptops, mobiles, tablets, and Personal computers.

The pricing package for this webinar is provided in four ranges. The range starts from $79 and goes up to $299 per month depending upon the needs of the user. Every package allows reasonable feature which can be bend and customized as per the requirements.

Important features

• Best streaming capacity with over 10,00 viewers

• Provides a free trial for 7 days

• The webinar can be streamed in association with YouTube and Facebook.

• Features that are unique in nature in relevance to meetings, surveys, etc.

• HD quality video conferencing.

• BigMarker deals with 135 country’s currencies.

• It provides data protection and standard encryption.


Easy webinar

Easy webinar makes the list of being distinctive as one of the best webinar platforms out of these for marketing purposes. A small business requires a webinar platform that can promote their businesses and bring about customers. This webinar ensures for the branding of the company’s products and goals to a large audience by providing a medium for it. It provides for living as well as automated webinars for its users with astonishing features such as polls, surveys, marketing through email software, etc.

The package for this webinar starts from $59/ month which is on a yearly basis. This can be extended to $90 per month for a higher no. of attendees. One of the important packages called the enterprise plan costs$349 which can be used for a limit of 10,000 participants.

Important features

• Provides for Analytics suite which is inbuilt in the software

• Feature for chat purposes.

• Have a different set of feature for the mobile application version of this webinar

• Integration with the WordPress

• Collaboration with YouTube live

• HD streaming quality.

So these are some of the best-used platforms, which are trusted by most of its users. Apart from this, there are few more webinar platforms which are used by people across the globe, this includes- Ever webinar, Adobe connect, Get response, Google hangouts, Livestream, Zoom, Dacast, Any meeting, and many more. Owing to the use of such platforms by multitudes, the webinar platforms for small businesses, education, and non-profit organization should make sure of all the requirements presented by every host hosting the particular seminar, conference, or meeting. Webinars in businesses help in building up to lead.

A customer who is interested in watching the webinar of that particular product will lean to buy in such a product. This seeks a huge amount of benefits for the companies in determining their sale deed. Also, webinar in other situation entails the presence of a pupil during an educational session and assess the participation of every student.

In every manner, webinars provide for great success and effectiveness leading to a better result. They build brand value which is targeted for a particular audience and helps such a particular audience to be engaged with the webinar making the brand more known and successful. Webinars can also ensure the attendance of every member to have better closure of the meetings with everyone’s presence.

They can be in the form of lectures, official meetings, seminars, video workshops, presentations, etc. webinars also help to build certain relationships in the company making them accomplish the goal of an authoritative brand. The best feature of the webinar which also rounds up to be the famous issues in business is cost expenditure webinars decrease the expenditure when newly introduces in a company and show how cost-effective it is.

Concluding the benefits we can say that the best webinar platforms in the world provide a great deal of relief for companies no matter the situation of the market or other businesses. This common ground of interface helps individuals to come together, share, and communicate easily and cost-effectively. Webinars create efficiency for the institutions that use it on a daily basis by cutting costs, creating a much better way of communication with no issues of management and control. A small business with little change can definitely profit from it and help them with forming a successful business over these webinars.

The well-integrated system seeks out the best sales and promotion for the users accessing these webinars. Education institutions all over the world can use the webinars to reach to as many students and professors as possible. This is extraordinary for every person seeking out the best in the field. As discussed non-profit organisations receiving participation from various places also choose to connect through these webinars and continue the needs of their organization.

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