Best WordPress Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

September 10, 2019
Best Wordpress Cache Plugins

Are you worried about your site being slow? Well, it is not because you are using a cheaper hosting. It is because you are not using caching. You can use a simple plugin for caching, and it will make your site speed faster than earlier. Here are 10 best WordPress Cache Plugins that will make your site faster.

Yes, most people just don’t realize that they are not using a caching plugin. All they do is try to make their site as light as possible, but still, it doesn’t work. Even if you update your hosting plan, the site is still slower than your imagination.

And, the problem here is of the very nature of WordPress and its way of working. This can be solved by installing a plugin that does cache for you. So, consider these best WordPress cache plugins and start using them on your site.

Here are some best WordPress cache plugins you can install and make your site way faster than it is. These cache plugins for WordPress work almost the same way but the results are different depending upon the plan you choose.

But, before we list down the best WordPress cache plugins, let’s understand what is a cache plugin and how does it work?

What Is A Cache Plugin?

Caching is simply a way to make your site quite faster. But how does it work?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS software used by millions of sites. But one problem with WordPress is that it keeps your database separate. So, every time a user visits your site, WordPress requests for the requested page to your database. And, this takes a bit of time.

So, if you visit the home page of your site the WordPress will show you the page from your database. And, all this process will take some time depending upon your hosting speed and the speed of internet connection.

To solve this problem, you can use some of these best WordPress Cache Plugins that will make your site faster. These Cache plugins for WordPress create a static page of your site for every page. So, anytime a page is requested the caching directly shows you the page which saves the time of request from the database. Every page of your site is created in the caching in the lighter HTML version.

These best caching plugins for WordPress will make another copy of your site and show it to visitors. This will make your site faster with just a plugin and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on hosting.

So, now you know what caching is and how does it make your site faster. So, here are 10 best WordPress Cache Plugins.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins List

1. WP Rocket Best WordPress Cache Plugin

You ask anyone for the best WordPress cache plugin and the answer shall be wp rocket which in fact is the best cache plugin for WordPress. Firstly, it’s a paid plugin and it’s costly too. But, the results that you get are surprisingly awesome. Some people don’t complain much about the price but they enjoy the benefits of this plugin.

The plugin is an all in one solution for all your needs. It does the caching of your site, compresses web pages and also performs lazy load function. It compresses all the web pages on your site and makes a lighter version of all those pages. The whole CSS and PHP are combined into an HTM code and hence your site becomes quite light and faster.

WP Rocket Best WordPress Cache Plugin

So, if you are looking to make your site faster then all you need is this best WordPress cache plugin and it will do everything for you. To be honest, what it does makes a snapshot sort of thing of all your pages and keeps them in a separate file.

So, every time a visitors request a page it shows the stored file. And, save the time of requesting a file from the database. People have experienced almost half the page speed after installing this plugin.

After buying the license, you will get full support from the WP Rocket team but honestly, there is nothing that you will need to ask. The configuration part is quite simple and after installing, it will do everything automatically.

The only thing you have to worry about is the amount of money that you will have to pay. But, once you install it you will understand that it’s worth your money. And, you don’t even need to install any single plugin related to the site speed.

It will solve all your needs with the page speed part. One thing that we would recommend is to clean the cache if you make any sort of changes to your site. This will create a new cache file and update the files. You can get it from

2. W3 Total Cache Best WordPress Cache Plugin

Now, if you are not ready to pay for the WP Rocket then here is the next best option for you. The W3 Total Cache is another plugin that most people use. It’s completely free and does almost everything as equal to a premium plugin.

It does Browser caching and compresses your site with ample one click. And, once you fully configure it, it promises to give you at least times faster websites and an increase in performance. Once your site is fully optimized, it performs better in mobile devices and overall good in search engines.

W3 Total Cache Best WordPress Cache Plugin

It does cache of feeds, posts, search pages, media files, databases, objects, fragments, etc. And, this improves the load time of your website. There is a belief that more than 90 % of your visitors want your website to load in less than 3 seconds. And, this plugin seems to do it for free.

No doubt this is one of the best WordPress cache plugins to cache your site and make it faster than your competitors. This plugin is compatible with every type of hosting service whether it is shared hosting, private hosting or anything like that. There is a transparent CDN management of media library, database, WordPress files, etc.

It gives you regular statistics for your site and helps you to improve your site for mobile devices and search engines. So, definitely this is the best cache plugin for WordPress without any cost. All you have to do is install this plugin on your site which will do all the work for you. You can download it from here.

3. WP Super Cache Best WordPress Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache is again one of the best WordPress cache plugins that serve the best quality caching and optimizing your site with the slower load time. It creates a static page for all your dynamic pages and serves it to almost 99 % of visitors. So, your database is separately stored and the static page is shown to visitors which saves the time of loading the whole web page.

This cache plugin caches your data in three different ways which have different page speeds and risks involved too. So, you will have to be careful while making a change to the files of your site. Because incorrect changes may lead to the crash of your website. But once configured correctly, this plugin works perfectly.

WP Super Cache Best WordPress Cache Plugin

You will have to adhere to some guidelines and tutorials which set up this plugin because it’s better to follow someone than doing it wrong. So, get this plugin installed and do the right settings and boom! its working. And, as we have included in the top 3 of the best WordPress cache Plugins it shows how useful this plugin is.

Now, you will enjoy a faster website with the same hosting and data. You don’t have to pay a single penny to make your site faster. This cache plugin for WordPress will do all the magic for you. It uses the Mod-Rewrite method which is the fastest method of caching and helps your site rank on search results. Get it from here.

4. WP Fastest Cache Best WordPress Cache Plugin

This is again one of the best WordPress cache plugins and its really the best one. Even it is said that this plugin is better than the W3 Total Cache. And, there is a free version too which works perfectly fine.

It does the normal caching where it keeps another copy of all your web pages and shows them whenever someone visits your website. This makes your site quite faster.

And, there is also the lazy load functionality which makes your site load as visitors scroll pages. This not only looks good but also makes your site super fast.

WP Fastest Cache Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Then there is something more important that cleans up all the garbage of your site. Files which are totally obsolete and are not being used by WordPress. This plugin will clean up those files and make your site lighter which in turn increases the speed.

One more thing that makes it special is the comparison chart which gives you data of competitors. And, as the name says fastest, it is one of the fastest cache plugins for WordPress doing high-quality work.

This plugin creates static HTML Pages, minify HTML, Minify CSS, compresses Gzip pages, combines js, leverages browser caching, and helps your site overall. All these features combined together make it one of the best cache plugins for WordPress. You may download this plugin from here.

5. Hyper Cache 

The hyper cache is another caching plugin for WordPress but its a bit different than others in the list. This plugin has only one motive and that is to give you maximum speed for your WordPress website.

Similar to other plugins, the hyper cache also creates static pages and replaces the dynamic pages. But, one thing that makes it special is that it deletes all the static pages once you delete this plugin.

Hyper Cache Best WordPress Cache Plugin

It works perfectly fine on slow servers and high-end servers too. So, you don’t have to worry about your web hosting plan, There is quite an easy setup process and you don’t have to follow something very complex in nature. This plugin is designed mainly for PHP which makes it perfect for WordPress.

One more thing that makes it special is that it makes your website super fast for mobile devices. There is a double caching for mobile and desktop pages. Also, you can switch your theme to mobile pages which makes it perfect for mobile devices. This plugin also makes your site HTTPS Ready.

It manages all your compressor needs and also you can move your cache folder outside the database which won’t be included in the backup files. You get comment awareness that bans malware comments and makes your site secure. You also get CDN Support with this plugin.

So, all in all, this is one of the best cache WordPress plugins which does all your job and makes your site secure as well as fast at the same time. And, the free cache plugin for WordPress does all the premium work with just a few clicks of configuring it. Download it from here.

6. Cachify 

This plugin also creates a static version of all your files and stores them. But, there is a catch that makes it unique. There are two methods to store the static files that you can choose.

One is that you store cached files on your server’s hard drive and alternatively you can also store them directly on the system’s webspace. The number of database queries and PHP requests will dramatically decrease towards zero, depending on the caching method you chose.

Cachify Best WordPress Cache Plugin

There is the feature of manual and automatic reset of cashing which lets you clean up the cache files from time to time. It keeps a white list of all your user agents and posts that can help you track down a few issues on your site.

Cachify minifies the HTML Markups that you choose and make them quite light to get lower lo0ad time. You can also compress your web pages to get the results that can help you rank better in the sear5ch results.

All in all, all these features make it one of the best WordPress cache files and there is no doubt in that. There are not a lot of premium features here but the caching methods make it unique and distinctive from others. And, the storage methods that it uses are quite distinctive and it gives you options to choose too. Download from here.

7. Comet Cache Best WordPress Cache Plugin

If you really care about the loading speed of your site then you should get this plugin installed right away. It takes a snapshot of all your pages, posts, categories, tags, etc. and stores them separately. This saves a lot of time that your site would have taken otherwise. This way you can save a lot of time and money with just a plugin being installed.

Why this is one of the best cache plugins for WordPress? It is because of the smartness of this plugin. It is quite smart to understand the fact that when it should serve cache files and when original files.

Comet Cache

This plugin does not show cache files to logged-in users, administrators, those who have recently left their comments, etc. This plugin is very effective and simple to use making it the best cache plugin for free. You get a lot of security features that lack in most of the other cache plugins for WordPress.

It minifies all your heavy codes that cause a slow loading time and makes your site faster. A fast site is expected to rank in the top search results. So, why not use such a plugin which is smart and does all the functionality that others offer. A lot of people recently shifted to this plugin from W3 Total cache so you can understand how useful it is! You may get it from here.

8. Cache Enabler 

Cache Enabler creates static HTML files of all your web pages and stores them in your disk space and serves them instead of processing the back end files. This makes your site altogether super fast and search engine friendly.

It automatically cleans up all your caching from time to time and you can also manually clean it. There is also the option to manually purge the caching of a specific page. And, cleaning the cache files is quite necessary when you make a certain changes to your files so that this plugin can create new cache files.

Cache Enabler Best WordPress Cache Plugin

It minifies all your HTML and CSS  Codes that should minimize the disk size and make your site faster. It has support for your responsive images and auto optimizes your site. This plugin also has support for errors that may occur on your site and you may not be able to fix them. You can also use it for multi-sites which in turn should help you make your site safe and fast.

All this combined together makes it one of the best cache plugins for WordPress. It is one of the most under-rated cache plugins but you will love it once you start using it. So, why not give it a try for free. Download this plugin from here.

9. Lazy Load by WP Rocket 

Now, let us suppose that you are using the best WordPress cache plugin and doing everything necessary to make your site faster but still it’s not working the way you want it. This is because your cache plugin may not have the lazy load feature. If you are using the WP Rocket then its already there. But you can also use it otherwise separately.

This plugin makes your webpages load as visitors scroll. So, if visitors click on a post-it will load only the content at the top. And, he/she scrolls down, it will start showing content on the web page. This looks quite pleasing to eyes and also makes your site faster.

Lazy Load by WP Rocket

If the Internet connection is not that good then this plugin will keep the visitor involved by showing the content on top and load slowly. Let’s suppose your site is not using the lazy load feature then the browser has to load the whole page at a time. On the other hand, it will load content slowly making the site faster.

Especially in the case of images, this feature is a savvier making your site attractive and faster. It makes the user experience quite better for those who are visiting your site for the first time and they tend to visit you again and again. You can get this plugin from here.

10. WP Smush

There is saying in Chinese that “one picture says more than what a thousand words speak.” So, its always good to use pictures on your blog. And, if you are not using pictures on your blog then you should start using right away. But, the problem with high-resolution pictures is that they consume a lot of space which makes them slower to load.

And, nobody likes to visit a slow page. So, what you could do is start using low-resolution pictures but that won’t look good on your site. Alternatively what you can do is install this one of the best WordPress cache plugins which will compress all your images without damaging their resolution. yes it will reduce the physical size of images that maintaining the exact quality.

WP Smush

There is a bit of loss in the quality of images but it does not make a lot of difference. Most of the data is consumed by images on a web page. And, if these images are compressed your site becomes a lot faster. It also converts all your png images to jpeg which consume less of the data and your site becomes friendly for the search engines.

So, why not install this plugin and get your images automatically compressed which shall make your site faster. Now, your site is loading faster and mobile-friendly too. This plugin also caches your images and media library. You may download wp smush from this link.

Which one is the best Cache Plugin for WordPress?

After all, you know about the caching and cache plugins but after all these best cache plugins for WordPress, one thing is very sure and that’s confusion. So, instead, let’s find out which one is the best cache plugin for WordPress?

First things first if you are ready to spend a few bucks then there is no such question of finding the best plugin. And, you should straight away go for the WP Rocket.

But, if you are looking for a free solution then you have all these options to consider. Firstly, W3 Total Cache, Comet Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Hyper cache are one of the best cache plugins for WordPress. You can install any of these plugins to do your job. Nowadays, Comet cache and Fastest cache are getting quite popular and they are really worth installing too.

Which one is the best Cache Plugin for WordPress?

You can also use the W3 Total Cache and it actually makes your site quite faster. But, something that you should obviously do is install these plugins like Smush and Lazy load. Lazy load makes your site look beautiful and fast at the same time. And, Smush keeps your images optimized which consumes a lot of server space.

Now, you know about these best WordPress cache plugins but it is obvious that you should have some questions in your mind. So, here are some Frequently asked questions about caching and cache plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cache plugin is best?

These are all the best WordPress cache plugins that you can use but there is a slight difference in all these plugins. But if you are looking for the best cache plugin then absolutely WP Rocket is the number one. But, it’s a paid tool. Instead, W3 Total Cache or Super Cache can be a great choice as a free solution. And, tools like Lazy load and Smush are highly recommended.

Some people consider W3 Total cache is the best cache plugin but it may not be true for some cases. Comet cache is getting quite popular nowadays. So, you can pick any of these plugins and they will do a similar job.

What does a cache plugin do?

Basically, a cache plugin makes a static version of your web pages and stores them separately. And, then whenever someone visits your site it shows them the static version which is quite fast and easy. This means all your webpages get compressed and are available in HTML format which is fast. In easy words, it’s like taking a screenshot and showing them again and again.

In simple terms, a cache plugin takes a snapshot of all your pages, posts, tags, categories, etc and stores them separately. And shows them to new visitors. But, if you make any changes to your site you will have to clear the cache so that new snapshots can be created.

Is there a free CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. These are servers located across the globe designed to make your site super fast. And, if you are looking for a free CDN then there are plenty of such options available. CDNs like Cloudflare, Incapsula, Photon by Jetpack are absolutely free. And, there are a lot of such servers you just need to find them.

Is there a free CDN?

You can use these CDNs and enjoy their benefits for free. Cloudflare is one of the most trusted ones which also gives you free SSL for your WordPress site. So, you can also make your site HTTPS with the help of Cloudflare only. Again Jetpack is one of the most trusted brands that you can go with.

What is a cache in WordPress?

By cashing in WordPress, it is meant to make another static copy of all your dynamic pages which shall be quite light and easy to access. So, this makes your site quite fast because of these static versions of all your pages being served instead of original files. So, these best WordPress cache plugins will do the job.

It’s not like what your cache memory is in your computer. But it does a similar job. the cache memory creates a very short term memory of your files which helps your processor work faster. Similarly, cache plugins create a static version of your site which is quite lighter and makes your site faster.


Now, you should be able to understand, how important caching is! It makes your site fast and best for search engines to rank your site in the search results. These cache plugins for WordPress make a copy of all your dynamic pages into a static version. This static file is like the snapshot of your site and then being shown instead of original files.

And, if you are considering these best WordPress cache plugins in the order they are listed then they are not in the particular order. They all do a very similar job and have some differences on their own. So, consider them with a pinch of salt.

These HTML Files are light and consume less space taking less time to display. This increases the speed of your site and everyone ant to visit a fast website. So, if you install any of these best WordPress cache plugins that should do the job.

WP Rocket is the obvious choice that you should go for but something great comes with great value too. So, you will have to pay handsome money for the benefit of WP Rocket. But, you can also get a lot of features of WP Rocket with a lot of plugins. And, the only difference is that you will have to install a lot of plugins instead of all in one solution with WP Rocket.

Otherwise, you should immediately install plugins like lazy load and Smush which make your site better in terms of user experience and optimization too. And, also any of these best WordPress cache plugins mentioned above so as to make your site faster.

Which are the best WordPress cache plugins as per your experience?

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