What Do Local SEOs Really Think Of Google My Business Support?

June 4, 2020
Google My Business Support

It wasn’t long when local SEOs had to hardly contact Google My Business support team through mediums including email, phone, social media, and live chat. But things started to change when several local SEOs stated facing issues due to COVID-19 situation and had to connect with Google my business support team.

From the beginning of 2020 more and more local SEOs started looking for support from Google My Business team. But things weren’t as good as they would have expected. Like local SEOs, professional SEO services also found themselves in trouble due to wrong advice, lack of relevant knowledge, and long waiting times to connect with representatives.

This is one of the primary reasons we thought of taking a look at what do local SEOs really think of the services given by Google My Business support team, especially in the current situation.

Here we have tried to compile some reactions of SEO experts regarding how their experience was with Google My Business support.

Wrong Or False Information

While looking at several responses, it was found that the majority of local SEO experts faced problems with incorrect information given by the GMB support team.

Although an experienced SEO company in the USA may find out about the disinformation, an inexperienced individual, on the other hand, won’t be able to realize he or she is provided with incorrect information. By following the wrong advice, they can unknowingly hurt the reputation of their company.

Richard Docherty

Taking GMB support over the phone can be risky. You might connect with someone who isn’t trained properly to support you, and he or she can make things even more complicated by giving you incorrect information. And if you are lucky you find someone who will give you the right information but also follow up with you ensure everything went well.

I would advise anyone to hear what the GMB representative is talking about. Find out if they are just giving you general information, and if they do ask them to provide you with a specific solution to a problem you are facing in your situation.

Phil James

We usually avoid taking support from GMB, since we have found it’s not useful for resolving technical issues we have been facing. We hardly contact the support team. However, our clients often try to get in touch with GMB support team but they mostly find it a lot of time talking to get their issues resolved as they rarely get a chance to speak with someone who can really help them.

I see that the support team at GMB support team lacks proper training and lacks the right direction from the management. I think the whole lack of professionalism from them makes it tough for business owners to get the assistance they would need to optimize their GMB accounts well.

Jason Rhodes

I see that new hires are not trained properly. They are unable to provide me with the right support I need. In fact, I find myself training their staff on the phone, having more knowledge at resolving different issues on my own. It’s really difficult for an average user to get the right support they need from GMB.

It seems we are all having problems with Google my business support but the management doesn’t really care. Whenever I call them for assistance, I don’t get a response that I expect, therefore try to tackle the problem on my own. This is certainly something that an average consumer cannot do, and is lost trying to get the support.

Tom Harrison

I feel that all support agent on the phone is just looking to get convince the users that their issues are resolved or will get resolved shortly. In my opinion, they do this just to make you leave positive feedback about your experience with the support team.

I think GMB needs to train their support staff well, as they don’t seem to have the right experience and training to help users resolve their issues. I feel that their wish to get positive feedback from the users only leads to misleading or wrong advice which isn’t helpful for users at all.

Speed and Efficiency Issues

Speed and Efficiency Issues

With the increased number of people trying to get in touch with Google My Business support team, the speed efficiency of advice was another issue experienced by several users. Something that is also experienced by reliable SEO services in USA.

Tim Osborn

All the support channels seem to lack efficiency, especially when there are too many complaints coming from all over the world. Our team is constantly getting poor or no response from the GMB support channels.

I have personally tried to contact the GMB support team through twitter but it seems to have become flooded with complaints and delays are occurring.

Claire Richards

I usually use Twitter DMs to contact the GMB support team to resolve issues that I face. But the support I receive from them often varies in terms of quality and timelines.

Recently, I have to wait for no less than two weeks to get a response from the team. And by the time, I hear from them I find a solution from another source, or the problem no longer remains a problem.

I find it useful to use forums for insights, instead of waiting for two or three weeks to get a response from Twitter support. Besides, you will find it difficult to manage responses on Twitter if you have multiple questions about multiple accounts.

Dan Anthon

I often think that Google’s support channels are of no use. I find it very challenging even to report systematic, broken things to the team. I feel like they think you aren’t having any issues at all and simply finding it difficult to use the platform.

Despite advertisers paying a huge sum of money, they find their ads excessively affected by different issues that they want to get resolved, but still find difficulties reporting.

Everything Is Not Bad, Afterall!

While there were many poor responses reported during the time of severe slowdown in GMB support, many users also shared their positive experiences with services.

Greg Boycott

I think that Google My Business support team is trying their best but too often they are simply overwhelmed by the number of requests for help, making things don’t work well. I have had great experiences on the whole. I suggest people to just be patient and wait for a little for your answer or solution.

Michael Thomas

I feel for the people working in the GMB support channels. It’s just that they receive too many requests for help from all the directions.

Even I feel issues at times getting a timely response from the support team at times. But I feel they are moving in the right direction since their response time is reducing and a high percentage of requests are being answered.

Susan White

We all need to remember that GMB is staffed by human beings like us, who would be trying to do their best to cater to all requests using whatever resources or guidelines they have or do not have.

I would advise people not to get frustrated with the lack of advice, quality of advice, or the speed of advice. The folks at Google My Business support are doing all they can to help us get our issues resolved quickly.

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