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How To Create Free Blog On Blogger

Do you want to be a blogger but you don’t have money to start a website? Guess what! you can start blogging without even spending a penny. Yes, Blogspot is a popular blogging platform where you can start a blog for free.

Blogspot or Blogger are one and the same. It’s a platform where you can start a blog for free and write as much as you want in any language. The platform was acquired by Google back in 2013 and all you need is a simple Google account to start a blog here.

If you want to start a blog or want to be a blogger all you need is the passion to do it and you can start it right away by creating a free Google account. And, if you have decided to start your own blog then congratulations! you are closer to achieve your dreams. You must be having some questions now but don’t worry we are here to solve all those questions and help you with how you can create a free blog on Blogspot?

How to Create A Free Blog On Blogspot?

Blogspot is a free domain provider but it provides only a sub-domain. So, to start a blog you will need a domain name first and a blogger does it for you. Since you don’t have money to spend you can get a free Blogspot domain to begin with. It is integrated with the Blogger itself and when you give a name to your blog it also asks you to claim a URL for your blog. There you can choose the domain name and then go on publishing it.

Congratulations! you have created a free blog on BlogSpot and now you can start writing. To publish a new post, you can click on this button named as New Post. You can write the entire post add some images and click on the publish button. Now, if you visit the URL of your blog you can see the published post.

Is Blogger the same as Blogspot?

One more confusion that arises is what is the difference between Blogger and Blogspot?

As we have mentioned earlier Blogger and Blogspot are the same but there is a difference. Blogger is a publishing tool where you can publish posts pages to manage everything. so as a publisher you don’t have to worry about File Transfer Protocol, Google takes care of it because Google owns the platform.

On the other hand, Blogspot is a domain registrar that provides a free sub-domain that gets automatically linked to your Blogger website. So, if you visit or you will end up on the same page. This is because both of these platforms are owned by the same company Google and both these platforms are synced together.

So, the difference is that Blogspot provides you with a domain and you use Blogger to create the blog and publish it.

What is Blogspot used for?

Blogspot provides you with a free domain or a sub-domain. However, if you want a full domain you can still buy it from Blogspot. but if you are looking for our advice then you must go with the domain registrar that gives it for lower prices like Godaddy which provides your first domain at a very cheap price.

Blogspot is used to get a free domain and link it with your Blogger website. But the best thing is that you don’t see it happening because Blogger and Blogspot are integrated together in such a manner that everything happens automatically. And, when things happen in such an interesting way all you see is the fine result but not the process.

Is Blogspot good for SEO?

Imagine, you created a blog on Blogspot or Blogger whatever you call it but what about the SEO part. If you do not understand the meaning of SEO then it is the process to make your blog appear on search results.

Now, you must be wondering why you need SEO? The answer to this question lies in the question itself. You need people to visit your blog right? And, doing the right SEO will help you get more visitors from Google’s search results.

But the problem with Blogspot websites or blogs is that they are not SEO friendly. the first problem is that you do not have a custom domain. It’s just the sub-domain from that you have and you don’t even get an option to create permalinks for your posts. You will have to rely on .html links and they are not SEO friendly. Then one more problem is that Blogspot blogs are not optimized for mobile devices.

All we can say is that imagine people are spending huge money to create a perfect website and then hiring people to do their SEO and build links for them and there you are competing with them with a completely free Blogspot blog. now, you answer the question of which blog should be ranked high on Google?

Is WordPress better than Blogger?

Another popular blogging platform that you have at your disposal is WordPress and we are talking about the open-source free, not the is also the very same as a blogger and it works in the very same way too.

But, provides you free software and you use it to build a blog. And, to create a blog using WordPress software you will need a custom domain and web hosting which you can buy separately. If you are wondering why are we discussing WordPress, then you must know this that almost every blog is created using WordPress software.

But the real question is WordPress better than Blogger? The absolute answer is Yes, but there are certain differences which can be explained using the following points:


When you start a blog on Blogger the ownership [lies with the Blogger or Blogspot. You have to understand that you are using a platform that is not owned by you. Google owns the platform and they have the right to make any changes to their platform. It’s up to them. And, if you are using a custom domain then you are the owner of that domain only not the blogger platform.

On the other hand, if you start your Blog using WordPress then you have to manage everything on your own. You will have to buy a domain and a server space then installs software. Take care of backups and FTP and do almost everything on your own. So here you own every aspect of your blog and there is no third party involved.


If we are talking about ownership then how can we neglect the control part? similar to the ownership you do not get control too. This is because ownership and control go hand in hand. If you are owning something how can you control it? But you do get some control like the design and layout part but that’s limited too.

While WordPress gives you full freedom and access to control everything. You have the database and the server at your disposal. There is no other party involved in your blog. You control your domain and DNS, your Cpanel is there and your whole WordPress dashboard.


Now cost is something that makes a huge difference. As we mentioned Blogger or Blogspot is completely free. You do not need to pay anything to start a blog on Blogspot. However, if you want a custom domain which you should get because the problem is that you get only a sub-domain with a free plan. So, to get a custom domain you will have to make a payment. You can buy it from Google itself or buy it from third-party domain registrars.

And, WordPress is also free software, and it’s open-source too. But the problem is that you cannot use the software alone. To install WordPress, you will have to buy a domain and a server space. And, then you can install the free software and use it to the best you can. In order to purchase a domain, you can get it for somewhere around 7.18 United States dollars and server space for 3.59 United States Dollars per month.


SEO or search engine optimization is the most important aspect here because if you are publishing something you need people to know about it. And, Search engines are the best place to draw an audience. But the problem with Blogspot Blogs is that they are not SEO friendly. There are only a few countable blogs that got ranked on Google.

And, if you want your blog to get ranked in the search result then you must go with the WordPress because that’s what best for you, best for search engines, and best for visitors too. You can use a few plugins that will make your blog optimized for search results. There are plenty of things that you can do to get the best of your blog. While you get only a few things to do on Blogspot.

User Interface

User Interface or UI is something that matters to visitors of your site. When it comes to Blogspot there are only a few limited things that you can do. You get only a few themes and even if you find a perfect theme even then you cannot change all the things. And, even if you change it the way you want, the site when you visit from a mobile device is not the same as you expect it to be.

While the UI is something that you can change the all-around blog. Firstly, there are millions of theme options eevn with the free version and you can customize it the way you want. There are plugins to do every single task and the best thing is you can customize it for mobile devices too. And, it looks the way you expect it to be. there are not many differences in there.

Is BlogSpot good for making money?

After this long debatable discussion on Blogspot, if you are wondering what if you can make money with Blogspot or not? Yes, you can make money with it and there is no limit to it.

There are people who are making a lot of money with just a Blogspot blog. But the problem is there again that you don’t have a lot of options to monetize your blog. Google Adsense is the only way to monetize your blog. And then you cannot place ads to all your pages on Blogger. It shows ads on the header footer and sidebars only but not the actual post.

Blogspot is good for making money but not advised because of the problems that just mentioned.

By now you must be having an idea that Blogspot is not so good to start a blog but you can start a blog. So, here are a few points suggesting the reasons to avoid Blogger.

Why you should not use Blogspot?

You are not the owner

Firstly, you don’t own your blog. Imagine you are working hard day and out but in the end, you realize that the platform is no more available. Yes, Google owns the platform and it’s up to them how long they want to continue with it. If they choose to discontinue then your blog goes with them. So, it has to be clear in your mind that the ownership of your blog lies with the Blogspot only.

Terms and Conditions

If you are using a particular platform then you must adhere to its terms and conditions. You cannot something that’s not allowed by Google. If they find out that you are violating their policies then they are surely going to suspend your account. And, all of a sudden all your data is lost. You don’t even have options to monetize your blog except for Google Adsense.

Bad for Search Results

We mentioned it a thousand times that Blogspot is not good for search results. Google itself does not rank your blog in its search results. It’s tough to imagine that you are working without any results. So, you have to accept it that Blogspot is not at all good for SEO or mobile devices.

Lets us dig it a bit. Do you know Google looks for page speed, security, mobile-friendliness, and backlinks to rank your blog? And, Blogspot fails to provide you a combination of these.

No Authority

Authority is a number assigned to a domain based on the content it has and visitors it gets. Now, imagine you have a lot of content on your blog and there are millions of people visiting your blog. But still, you will not build authority to your domain. This is because you don’t own the domain, how?

The domain that you get is a sub-domain and the authority that will build will go to the main domain. So, all your efforts are ultimately transferred to

Hard to Build Backlinks

A backlink is a referral link that helps you to rank better in search results. So, the number of websites referring to you means better the ranking. Imagine there is a website with very high Domain Authority that agreed to give you a backlink. But when you give them your Blogspot link, they are surely going to step back. Because no one wants to link to a Blogspot website.


Blogger is one of the blogging platforms but it is not the only one. Yes, it’s free but there are others too that give you similar features for free. And, anything that is free has its own cons. So, if you are ready to accept these challenges then you can opt for free blogging platforms.

Blogspot is easy and manages everything on its own. If you create a blog on Blogspot all you have to do is focus on writing and nothing else. So, if you are still okay then there is no one to stop you. But if you can spend a few hundred rupees then why not go for A WordPress website?

The ideal way is to get a domain for as cheap as $4 and buy three months shared hosting, to begin with, that will cost you abut @$15 considering a monthly fee of $4. And this amount of about $15 is enough to start a blog on WordPress.

But if you are just starting and want to learn to blog then you can surely start with Blogspot. Because you don’t have to spend a single penny and you can learn very well. And, one more option to go with is to buy a custom domain and connect it to Blogger.

Have you ever used Blogspot, Blogger, or WordPress?

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