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How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

In this post, I am going to tell you how to make money online without paying anything, so let’s start.

It takes money to make money, even begging. This is a famous quote often brought into conversations by people as they criticize our financial systems. Although this statement is true in most cases, it is not entirely the truth. In human history, there are many examples of people that ended up building something from nothing.

The online/digital revolution has brought with it revolutionary conveniences into our lives. Are you a student wondering if someone can do my classes online? Or are you looking forward to generating income from home? You have got a friend in this phenomenon and that is the internet.

The majority of ways of making money need some initial investment, you can contact banks to lend you that money or ask a friend. If you are ready to let go of online options, then the best way to make a decent living without investment is to get a minimum wage job.

However when we are solely focused on online options then let’s face it, there are very limited options. We are not saying that there are no good options, in fact, there are some great options but they are few and far between. Recently we went on extensive online research and interviewed some people with firsthand experience.

10 effective ways of making money online without paying anything

1-     Join a Freelancing Website

There are some brilliant websites online for freelancers. The biggest names include Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Simply Hired, and Freelancer. These platforms have their own set of pros and cons.

Depending on your set of skills and vision you should opt for the right platform for you. The majority of these freelancing platforms offer certificates that you can earn by taking tests for which you have to pay.

These tests surely increase your profile’s credibility and provide some fast boost to your profile. However, they are no necessity. You can build your freelance profile’s credibility by providing services with good value for money.

This will slowly but surely increase the popularity and repute of your profile, while freelancing will become a viable way of making a living.

2-     Virtual Assistant

Many people are not very well aware of this viable online job that is virtual assistance. As the name suggests, you will be assisting people virtually. A virtual assistant is an independent worker that provides administrative services just like an assistant does for their clients.

So your work will include the regular assistant’s work. Your job will be replying to emails, picking up calls, keeping track of their schedule, and so on and so forth.

This is a classic example of a job that was unimaginable to do from home a few years ago. However, with the internet boom, it is quite possible to assist a client or clients from home.

3-     Start Your Own Blog Page

Websites like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Medium, and Tumblr offer brilliant opportunities for bloggers. Blogging was happening even in the most initial days of web 2.0. However, this field was never as monetized as it is today.

With the remarkable growth of platforms like WordPress, bloggers have more features, facilities, and options than ever before. There are different types of blogs.

Personal blogs, for example, can be a great medium for self-expression, while with time they can generate revenue too. You can also write blogs that solely intend to market brands that will then pay you money. So if you are into writing then this might be a great way forward.

4-     Become a YouTuber

YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms in the world for video sharing. If you are interested in this medium of making content through videos then YouTube might be the best option for you.

Whether you are interested in films, self-help topics, beauty products, or any other subject, you can make a YouTube channel about that. We totally get it that making a video can cost you some money. You might have to invest in a camera, lighting, and sound equipment.

However, these things, although great to have, are not necessary at all. You can literally shoot a video on your phone’s camera, while using a color mic and upload it on YouTube. Your audience will grow if your content is good or at least catchy irrespective of how money expenditure on videos.

5-     Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? When you, a self-employed person, bring an audience to a brand’s page by marketing it on your platform then you are an affiliate marketer. Whether you are a blogger, a YouTuber, or happen to have your platform somewhere online, you can be an affiliate marketer.

Every brand functioning online, whether big or small has its own web of affiliate marketers. If you do this job to make a living then you do not have to be serving clients. You can have multiple brands as your client on the internet. There are many online platforms where affiliate marketers can find and pursue clients.  

6-     Paid Surveys

Surveys are a great way to understand the target audience for a brand. Therefore, there are countless surveys happening online all the time that you can take part in.

The majority of online surveys do not pay any money, however, some of them do. Some of the most popular paid survey platforms include Swagbucks, Toluna, and OnePoll.

7-     Learn Designing and Editing

Designing and editing are some of the most in demand jobs in the world today. Having good command over these skills provides a person with great options to make a living from.

For example, if you are a designer, you can find career options in designing posters, logos, and whatnot. While as a video editor, you can make living editing all sorts of audiovisual content.

You can find clients for designing and/or editing jobs by applying your marketing chops on social media. There are countless freelance websites also where you can find clients looking to hire editors and designers.

8-     Become a Social Media Influencer

Even celebrities with full-fledged careers in showbiz and sports are becoming social media influencers nowadays. The majority of people nowadays are anyway investing most of their time scrolling through their Facebook and Instagram timelines.

So becoming a social media influencer is a great way to monetize your already existing habit. You can learn the techniques of this job by analyzing what some popular social media influencers are doing and applying them. All types of brands are looking for influencers who can help them in marketing their products.

9-     Write eBooks

This might not be an option for everyone but if you are interested in putting words on paper then this might be a way forward. You can learn the skill of eBook writing by analyzing story structure. Churning out pages after pages of writing no matter how bad is another way of becoming a better writer.

You can take various different routes with eBook writing. The two most common routes are to either become a ghostwriter or to write and publish your eBooks on platforms like Kindle. If you have the patience and skills for the job, then you will surely be able to make a good living through this medium.

10-  Create an App

Put your skills of app designing and software development to work by creating an app. If you have a good, marketable idea for an app then you should put it into action.

Creating an app can be a complex task and you might require a team to create an effective app. In that case, you can ask your friends or acquaintances to partner with you. App creation and selling it might be a long road to success, however, it might be worth it.

As long as you have enough savings to live upon until succeeding, app designing is a good career option. In case you are a student wondering if someone can Do Classes Online, then there are multiple platforms offering that service nowadays. 

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