LinkBuildr : A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress

December 28, 2019
LinkBuildr Plugin: A Free & Powerful Outreach Plugin for WordPress

In this post I am going to tell you in detail about the Linkbuildr plugin which can be very useful for content creators, so let’s get started.

Being a WordPress user means knowing all the technical features that reside in your account. You must be familiar with the role of plugins and its usability in a WordPress site. This familiarity accounts for adding value to the site without switching the interest and holding back the functions like a pro.

Let’s think for a while how your online B2B trade site will work without adding a plugin into it? This feature is always in the reach of the B2B users because it extends the website’s functionality and provides a new way to reshape a customer’s experience.

WordPress plugins are not necessarily free but worth putting down some credits to grab the attention of the visitors on the spot. Just like you enhance digital experience by adding pro plugins for the visitors, there are some other plugins as well that are solely for digital marketers.

LinkBuildr comes in the same category. The B2B marketers are always eyeing on the plugin because it is free but have many more potentials and add up as a quick change in the SEO world.

Recently, LinkBuildr became a hype in the digital community and guess what? It has accounted for versatile benefits along with stressing on powerful outreach with its use. This post unfolds many aspects, which you should not miss it. Let’s begin exploring LinkBuildr and how it is automating content marketing.

LinkBuildr Word Press Plugin Fueling SEO Tactics

LinkBuildr Word Press Plugin Fueling SEO Tactics


Just like your other outreach plugins, LinkBuildr plugin evolved as a free and powerful content outreach tool. It helps the marketer to kick start the promotion of recent write-ups.

The plugin has already marked its name in the online B2B community. Marketers are taking full interest in adding outbound links to the article. LinkBuildr has shifted the conventional B2B marketing norms and facilitated search engine ranking to a great extent.

Other than this, LinkBuildr also outreach messages to individual website owners that you have linked from your resources.

It might get quite frustrating at first, but digging deeper into the concept and function will let you know the potentials and primary use. When a WordPress user adds LinkBuildr plugin, it is ultimately making aware of its brand. Not only this but also fostering a relationship with linked resources.

This plugin is undoubtedly an opportunity for online B2B trade sites to market its featured posts by asking other website owners to share the work on their network.

Now, e-mail outreach is on the fingertips. The time-efficient and cost-effective way to improve search engine ranking is helping worldwide manufacturers to develop a name in the online B2B marketplace.

Incredible Content Promotion with LinkBuildr Plugin

Incredible Content Promotion with LinkBuildr

You can do a lot with adding a LinkBuildr plugin to your online B2B trade site powered by WordPress. Here are three classic features that you should know when choosing a content promotion plugin for WordPress website.

Thoroughly Scans the Content for Links

When a B2B marketer submits content to the website, the LinkBuildr generously scans the content from top to bottom. This feature helps the user to explore multiple related sites where you can link the content.

Just an easy trick to optimize the search and automate the efforts for your convenience.

Makes up a Directory

After the website research is done, LinkBuildr plugin does a thorough search in your B2B site’s database. The search is basically performed to identify new e-mail addresses that are not already stored.

Fantastic feature to look for is that it popups a window for a new website for adding a new contact. Even you get a chance to choose an e-mail template for your choice.

Powerful E-mail Outreach

And there you are introduced with hands-free content promotion. Just a simple click on the publish button and your message is sent on the contacts.

It doesn’t limit here – you can also customize the outreach by choosing an e-mail template by yourself. Just amazing it goes every time.

Some Compelling Benefits worth Exploring

Some Compelling Benefits worth Exploring

Now we are done with knowing how it works and some prominent technicalities. Why not getting familiar with why it is important? Let’s check it out then.

Personalized Outreach

LinkBuildr plugin was built with a different mindset. While your traditional SEO tactics aren’t helping you gain positive response, LinkBuildr gets 45% of positive response when it adds a personalized feature.

There are many facilities guaranteed to a B2B marketer. You don’t have to go beyond the limits to add other plugins. LinkBuildr automatically adds share buttons for different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Automatic Scanning for Every Link

It has stepped ahead in digital marketing. LinkBuildr plugin is highly efficient in automatically creating new relationships by e-mailing a contact at each linked domain.

This feature is impressive because it has the ability to manage the database comprising of the contacts from your first write-up. Not only this, but it also enhances the exposure with industrial influencers — just a handy tool for B2B marketers to become pro in the digital community.

Just 1 Click for Sending E-mails

E-mails have become comfortable with LinkBuildr plugin. You don’t have to wait for writing long threads and network support to send an e-mail.

Just a simple notification helps a B2B marketer to add a contact for every site. The plugin is definitely a worth to look at when choosing from many other costly plugins.

Importing Contacts become Easy

Let go what you’ve been facing previously. LinkBuildr now brings a feature to import contacts in a modern way.

If you have the bulk of contacts and finding no way out, then LinkBuildr plugin is the only solution. More than 1,000 contacts are imported at a time.

GDPR Compliance Guaranteed

Have you ever been in a problem regarding data security and ethical commitment? LinkBuildr plugin complies with GDPR to ensure data privacy and confidentiality.

When not in use, the plugin automatically deletes the contact, whereas it unsubscribes the contact from its mailing list.

Final Thoughts

WordPress has a pool of plugins where digital marketers have to pay more considerable attention to choose the best for their website. LinkBuildr plugin is now a must plugin for your B2B trade site. If you are under an immense burden regarding content promotion, LinkBuildr can be your best support. You can download this plugin from this link- Click Here.

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