Top 50 Search Engines in The World To Rank Your Website On Top

December 19, 2019
Top 50 Search Engines

In this post, I am going to tell you about the Top 50 Search Engines in the world, so let’s start.

What is a Search Engine?

Do you know what a search engine is and how it works?

Along with this, I will explain to you about Top 50 search engines with all the information in this article.

Before we dive into the list of search engines lets first understand what search engine is?

“Search engine is a program with the help of that user can find any kind of information on the internet by using any keywords.”

Whenever a question comes to your mind, in this 21st century, even humans have not asked the people around them or their teachers.

They take out their mobile directly, and they write whatever is on their mind.

They get an answer within a few seconds.

How do Search Engines work?

Well, it’s nothing but just a program, in little more specific words you can call this program as bot or spiders.

Actually, whenever a user enters a keyword or a question in any search engine, the search engine takes those keywords as input and tries to understand what the user wants to find.

And start searching in the huge directory or the search engine.

As soon search completes it organize all the results as per popularity or most effective content and display in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

List of Top 50 search engines?

Internet is another word where we can find almost everything; it’s a kind of market place.

In this market, not only 50 but more than that, vendors are available to fulfil your request, which is nothing but Search engine.

Out of hundreds of search engines, we came up with top 50 search engines which will help you to increase our knowledge and search specific data over the internet.

Let’s first discuss the boss of all search engine who is non-other than Google.

1.    Google:

Google is the most popular search engine, Worldwide with a stunning market share between 81.5% and 92.96%.

The quality of Google search results is what made it the most popular and trusted search engine is.

Sophisticated algorithms are used to present the most accurate results to the users.

The founder of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with the idea that websites referenced by other websites are more important than others and thus deserve a higher ranking in the search results.

Every single time the Google ranking algorithm has been enriched with hundreds of other factors (including the help of machine learning) and remains the most reliable way to find what you are looking for on the Internet.

Is the best Search Engine Other Than Google?

Is the best Search Engine Other Than Google?

2.    DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo ( is one of the growing search engines.

This search engine comes under top 10 search engine list.

It has some extra features than others.

    The exceptional feature of this search engine is that it doesn’t monitor users’ data.

    It doesn’t show page number at the bottom. You can just click on show more and then the next page will get load.

In other words, whatever you hunt, this website doesn’t monitor and save the information or information of consumers such as Google.

Additionally, it’s an ad engine.

Additionally, the user also gets private browsing facility within it.

3.    Yahoo

This is another best Google alternative search engine

Yahoo was launched in 1995.

This is most commonly used after Google and Bing.

You can consider Yahoo to be more of a Directory than a Search Engine.

Yahoo offers more than 40 services to its users in addition to a web search.

On Yahoo, you can also search for information about Images, News, Calendar, Finance, Flickr (Yahoo has a Photo Sharing Service.), Gadgets, Real Estate, Yahoo Mail, Music, Sports Scores, Movies etc.

Yahoo is very popular among users for its Yahoo Answers service.

4.    Ask

It is one of the oldest search engines.

The interface of an asks search engine is not so attractive but result wise its work very well.

Google and Bing are rivals due to its precise results and good search options.

With its help, you can search for images, news, videos quite easily.

5.    WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alpha is an alternative search engine.

The interface looks like that of a standard search engine, but questions typed into the search box outcome answers to specific items instead of listings of sites which could be related to the issue.

6.    Boardreader

BoardReader was designed to deal with the shortcomings of search engine technologies to correctly find and exhibit information included on the Internet’s forums and message boards.

Launched in May 2000 by teachers and engineers in the University of Michigan,

Boardreader utilizes proprietary software which permits users to research multiple message boards concurrently, enabling users to share data in a really global sense.

7.    StartPage

StartPage Search Engine

StartPage states that their hunts are “improved by Google.”

This means in practice is that if you do an internet search utilizing StartPage, they will take your search phrase (s) and feed them to Google themselves, then pass on the search results to you.

Google will understand what search phrases were used, but not that it had been one who googled them.

Google will not receive your IP address. I will chat about IP addresses at a subsequent post.

It is possible to locate StartPage in Like DuckDuckGo, you can perform your searches directly in their site, and you’re also given a choice to add StartPage one of the search engines that your browser may utilize.

StartPage is utilized throughout the world; however, it receives a massive part of its customers from Germany.

8.    Ecosia

Ecosia is a Germany-based online search engine which generously donates 80 per cent of earnings to tree-planting conservation associations globally.

Their search engine is powered by Bing, along with Ecosia’s search algorithms.

Thus Far, the website has resulted in the planting of over 21 million trees.

9.    Infospace

InfoSpace has become a pioneer in the discovery and searches for more than 20 decades (since 1996).

InfoSpace supply world-class search encounters which help people find what they want easily and quickly.

InfoSpace also helps businesses connect to clients through high intent marketing.

InfoSpace sites and programs are powered by advanced engineering and machine learning.

InfoSpace data engineering and science groups come from associations which lead the world in engineering.

10.    Teoma (

Teoma is an excellent search engine which was developed in the year 2000 by Prof Apostolos Gerasoulis and his colleague. On September 18, 2001, Teoma was acquired by Ask Jeeves, Inc at $1.5 million.

The higher version was launched in the year 2003, to provide much better search results after adding more functionalities to the product. In the year 2002, Teoma was the 2nd most popular search engine in the US.

On February 2006, Teoma started redirecting searches to

11.    Gigablast (

Gigablast is an open-minded personal search engine which has been set up in the year 2000, in Mexico.

The search engine is intended to supply the users a large scale and high-speed data search and recovery.

It supports subject generation, and it includes the capacity to index different file formats.

Gigablast can index PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, in addition to the postscript files.

It is created with the superb recall capacity returning additional outcomes with a number of the query terms employed while looking for the web.opic.

12.    Qwant

Below are a few of the characteristics which Qwant provides its users.

A search engine which respects the consumer’s privacy Qwant is a real search engine that’s intended to guarantee the privacy of their consumers.

This is via the delivery of the most excellent possible outcomes with no effort to understand who’s hunting or what’s being searched.

The search queries are encrypted, ensuring that no third party will find out what’s being searched.

13.    Search Encrypt

How about keeping your searches private to you? Basically, the Search Encrypt gives you the facility to make all your searches private. When a user types a particular keyword and starts searching, the keyword gets encrypted, and the keyword also gets expired.

Therefore, this search engine does not store any information to showcase multiple ads and also you can be 100% sure that your data will never get leaked because this search engine will never save the data.

14.    SearX

After Search Encrypt, SearX is another search engine which protects the data of the user by not storing it at all. SearX does not allow the IP address of the user to get shared with the internet. Also, it makes sure that the keywords that you search does not get exposed to the internet.

Hence, allowing you to perform all the search securely and that too without getting exposed globally.

15.    Yandex

Yandex is a search engine offered by Russia. Generally, it is an MNC which has been started from the ground of Russia. Generally, it is one of the biggest companies and the most popular search engine in Russia.

Yandex is considered the 5th most popular search engine after Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo. One of the unique features for the people of Russia is Yandex can recognize keywords even in the Russian language. Not only it has been a popular search engine, but it has also been a highly rated company for other technical products.

16.    Gibiru

Gibiru is an excellent search engine which allows you to make your searches hidden. Neither it stores IP address neither cookies, hence, keeping you secure and far from the eye of hackers.

After being launched in the year 2009, Gibiru has gained a significant number of users. One of the best parts is that through this search engine, you can even get access to uncensored content (the content which is not available for everyone).

17.    Disconnect Search

When we talk about private search engines, then the most popular search engine that comes in my mind is Disconnect Search. It not only hides your search results but also at the same time, it saves you from distracting ads.

At the same time, it also prevents search engines from accessing the cookies of the user. Disconnect Search also gives you the facility of a VPN where you can prevent yourself from exposing your location.

18.    WebCrawler


WebCrawler is one of the oldest search engines. For a couple of years, WebCrawler served as a metasearch engine. WebCrawler was the first search engine which was able to allow the searches in full-text form.

After being launched on Apr 20, 1994, WebCrawler was able to add more than 3000 websites in its database. By 14 Nov 1994 WebCrawler served more than a million queries.

19.    Metacrawler

Metacrawler is an excellent search engine which was extremely popular in the 90s. Aaron Collins has created it in the year 1994. Originally it was a metasearch engine, and by the year 1996, it served more than 150,000 searches in a single day. After being merged with multiple search engines, metacrawler came back as a particular search engine in the year 2017.

20.    Lem me find

Lemme find is another search engine which comes under the list of top 50 search engines. Though it is not much popular like Google and Yahoo, Lemmefind is also used by a good number of people. It has been considered as a safe search engine, and no threats have been found in the last few years.

21.    Kartoo

Kartoo has been a metasearch engine which has been operated from 2001 to 2010. Kartoo was formed in the land of France by Laurent Baleydier and Nicholas Baleydier. Even at the present instance, the site can be accessed, but officially it is not taken care of by any official authority.

Though it is not a very popular search engine to a certain extent, you can use Kartoo to make all your searches.

22.    AOL    (

AOL is a New York City-based company that is marketed by Verizon Media. Not only as a search engine but AOL is also known as a worldwide company. In June 1995, it bought WebCrawler, and in the year 1997, it launches its own search engine NetFind. On October 1999, the name of the search engine got replaced by AOL search.

AOL is not just a high search engine, but there are multiple other product and services which a user can use.

23.    Lycos

Lycos is a search engine offered by the US in the year 1994. Lycos also provides a variety of services such as email, web hosting, entertainment websites, and social networking. Lycos is generally a subsidiary of Kakao.

24.    Yippy

After being developed by Vivisimo in 2004 which was later acquired by IBM. After being sold to the company named Yippy in 2010. The website received traffic of more than 1 million visitors a month.

Till 2019, Yippy states that IBM powers the searches.

25.    Swisscows

Swisscows Search Engine

In the year 2014, launched by Hulbee AG (a company in Switzerland), Swisscows is a web search engine. Swisscows provides much faster search results, and at the same time, the user data does not get stored. Though it uses Bing to perform its searches for the German language, Swisscows holds its index of data.

Reports of 2018 show that more than 18million searches were performed.

26.    Lukol

Lukol is another private search engine which does not store the user searches. It does not track the IP, and at the same time, no cookies will be followed. It is considered at a tremendous private search engine, and it protects you from getting mislead.

27.    MetaGer

MetaGer is another search engine which allows you to perform your searches. Also, the searches that you perform is untraceable. MetaGer makes sure that your IP gets hidden from the destination source and at the same time it protects you from distracting ads and malicious attacks.

28.    Oscobo

When it comes about private web search engines, then Oscobo can be another option for the user. It allows you to perform all the required searches and that too without exposing your data to the internet. Many users of the UK prefers Oscobo over other web search engines.

29.    Mojeek

Mojeek shows the search result from its index of web pages. It is a search engine that is based on the UK. It was launched in the year 2004. Marc Smith created Mojeek using the C programming language.

30.    DogPile

It is a metasearch engine which showcases its searches after looking over various popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a lot more. DogPile will also give you the information regarding audio and video. DogPile is also able to get the J.D. Power and Associates award in the year 2006 and 2007 for best Residential Online Search Engine Service.

31.   SocialSearcher


Social Searcher is one of a great search engine since it not only shows the result based on the keyword but also based on the social relation between the keyword and the user. Social Search also shows the result by looking over the content and how the related people with the user have been with the content.

32.    zapmeta (

Zapata is a product offered by a team of college students. If you are someone who loves the meta approach to find the search result in the web than ZapMeta can be an excellent thing for you. ZapMeta also gives you the option to preview the content of the website by providing the opportunity to view the top portion of the page that too in the result section.

33.    blogsearchengine  (

BlogSearchEngine is a great platform to search for blogs. Also, at the same time, it allows you to submit your blog. It can be a high search engine when all you want is text content in your search results.

34.    swoogle (

Swoogle is a search engine which has developed crawlers to look for RDF documents and HTML documents with RDF contents. Swoogle has paid greater attention to record and index meaning metadata in its database.

35.    blackle  (

It is a search engine offered by Google, which is focused on saving energy. It uses a black background to keep heat. The reports of October 2019 states that it has collected over 7.6MWh of electrical power.

Therefore, if you are someone who cares about the environment and wants to contribute towards it, then using Blackle can be the best way.

36.    FindWhat(

This is another famous search engine that you can use to get your search results. You will get a clean user interface and also if you are someone who has experienced the user interface of Yahoo then you will find that the user interface of FindWhat is mostly similar.

List of Regional Search Engines

37.    Search

Search is another web search engine which can provide you with great results that too within a short period. You must give Search a try to have a great experience.

38.    goo  (

It is another search engine which is mostly used by the people of Japan. It is operated and handled by NTT, which is a Japanese telecom company. Goo crawls over various websites in order to get the best fit for the user.

It is more useful to look for websites whose content have been written down in the Japanese language.

39.    Baidu (

Baidu is a Chinese website which looks for the content that too in the Chinese language. It was founded on Oct 11, 1999, by Eric Xu and Robin Li. User can also search for mp3, video, images, and text contents using the Baidu search engine.

40.    diri (

Diri is a search engine in Bulgaria. It is one of the largest web portals in Bulgaria. The word Diri means Search. Mostly the user will experience a clean user interface. You can search for news, articles, blogs, products, music, videos, and a lot more.

You will also notice a dropdown option where the search engine itself will suggest similar words related to your searches.

It is a great search engine for you to perform your searches.


Generally, it is a website which offers you great Disney videos. Mostly, children will find it fun to see all their favourite Disney video at a particular site and at the same time you can keep them out of inappropriate content.

Kid-Safe Search Engines

42.    kiddle (

The above search engine will show you everything related to the searches you perform. Therefore, sometimes it might be a bit inappropriate for some age groups to view the content. Hence Kiddle, which is powered by Google Custom Search, is a great thing that can be used.

Mostly it is a safe search engine which provides filtered content for the users.

43.    kidrex (

This is another search engine that is powered by Google Custom Search, which provides filters contents. Generally, it has a beautiful interface to attract children, and also it prevents them from getting into any inappropriate website.

44.    safesearchkids (

SafeSearchKids provides a strict filtered content to prevent children from inappropriate materials. This search engine helps to get your child get proper knowledge and without being a part of any inappropriate website.

Also, it gives the result in terms of text, audio, and video.

Search Engines to Find Images

Search Engines to Find Images

45.    TinEye (

How cool it can be if you can search for some particular stuff through images. Well, Tineye allows you to search your requirements by adding the photos. Canada offers this search engine. Tineye was the first search engine that used the method of image identification apart from text identification. It can be cool stuff to use.

46.    label (

Labnol is the name of the search engine which is offered from India. Labnol is basically a search engine founded by Amit Agarwal in the year 2004. Basically, it is a search engine where the user can look over various technical related information.

47.    iconfinder (

Iconfinder is another search engine where you can perform the search through icons. If at any point, you are confused regarding any symbol. Then at IconFInder, you can add the image and then find out all the necessary details regarding the symbol.

48.    Picsearch (

It is a search engine where user can search for your required information using the images. It is a Swedish Company. Picsearch also holds an Online Video Platform named as Screen9. Nils Andersson and Robert Risberg founded Picsearch.

Regarding any searches which you want to perform using the images, you can use Picsearch for it.

Search Engines to Search for People

49.    Spokeo (

Now, what if I tell you that you can also do the searches to find people. Well, you can search for people at search engines like Google, but the irritating part is that you will find every other element related to the names and not just people. Spokeo is a search engine which will mostly give you the results of people.

The search engine was founded in the year 2006 in the land of the USA. The reports of 2015 showcase that more than 17million user are a part of Spokeo.

50.    peekyou (

Michael Hussey founded PeekYou in the year 2006. It is a search engine where you can look for people. You will get the information regarding almost every single individual whose data has been feed in the database. It already has more than 250million people indexed in the database. Hence having such a significant number of an index makes it a useful search engine which people can use.

You will also find all the social media handle and all the related websites related to that individual.

Conclusion / Our Opinion:

Generally, the maximum number of people is only aware of search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, and Ask. But the above list showcases the huge list of best search engines that people can actually to make their life much easier. As we already discussed, if you do not want your child to get into any inappropriate websites, then you have options to choose from the above list.

Also, the above list gives you the option to use the search engines where you can perform the searches using the images. Mostly it will be much easier if we get the search results in a much-categorized order while doing the quests. Therefore the above list offers you to choose the search engine where you can find results in the way you want.

Also, make sure that you have a look over the search engines which offer the acceptance of the language because such search engines provide a better insight into the particular country.

Lastly, I would like to say that every search engine is the best which gives a bit higher number of search results all I want is to provide you with a proper list of search engines both for educational and fun purpose.

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