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What is Favicon & How To Create A Favicon

Do you have a website? If you have a website, then favicon is something that you really need for your website but what is a favicon?

It is the branding of a website. It represents your website or a company like your logo. Usually, it is the logo of the company only which is used as favicon. When you open any website on your browser you see its name on top of the website. But, if you have noticed there is a logo too on the tab heading. Yes, this is the favicon we are talking about. If there are five tabs open on your browser then the name appearing on top helps you recognize the work that you were doing in a particular tab.

Besides the name of the website on the tab head, there is a favicon too which helps you quickly recognize the brand. There is saying that a picture says more than what a thousand words could speak. So, we can say that people remember pictures more prominently than names.

And, this is where your favicon is very helpful. Viewers or users can easily identify your company or website by just looking at the favicon on top of the browser. It helps your website in many ways that you are not even aware of.

These are small image files in .ico format in the format of 16×16 pixels. Browsers can easily identify such files with the .ico file. They can be in png format too or any of the image formats. Even zip files are also supported here. But, how important is it for you as a company or to the whole of your website.

What is favicon?

The word “favicon” stands for Favorite Icon which means your favourite icon. So, if you are visiting a website then you can remember it by its favicon appearing on top. It is an image file of 16×16 with 16 or 32-bit colours. Nowadays people also use 32×32 and 48×48 favicons.

Generally, the favicon is the logo of the company but it may be anything that represents your brand. It’s like a visiting card that represents your brand. So, it should match with your style and represent a good opinion about the company and website.

If you are creating a favicon for your website then you should remember that this is going to be your face on the Internet. And, designing a favicon is important because visitors judge your company by looking at your favicon only. So, if you are using a good favicon that represents your brand it helps you in gaining popularity. And, it is always a good habit to have a premium logo and favicon.

It’s like you have absolute gold inside the box but your packaging is very bad. Nowadays, people judge your product just by its packaging. If you are not working on the packaging of your product you are losing a lot of customers. The same goes for the favicon too as it is the packaging kind of thing.

Lets, assume your visitors have 10 tabs open and they are about to close all these tabs. If they know your website from your favicon then they are going to think about not closing it. So, take some time and make a good favicon or hire someone to do it for you because it is a representation of your brand.

These favicons also appear in the search results on mobile phones. So, if some website is not using a favicon it will show the default icon of the browser. So, its always advised to have a favicon placed on your website.

What is Favicon used for?

A favicon is used to give your company or brand a kind of branding. Yes, its a branding that helps you get more popularity. It shows up on top of the browser where your name appears and besides that, there is a logo. So, it helps your visitors recognize your brand. And, this is what people keep in mind for your brand. They remember it as your brand name and it helps you make your image in their minds.

This is like a favicon that is used as a logo of your company appearing on top of the browser. Yes, in most cases it is just a logo of the brand or website. It is totally up to you what kind of favicon you want. Some people create a new favicon for each their websites but some just did make their logo as a favicon for all of their websites.

No matter what kind of favicon you use but all you need is a favicon because that’s important. Once you have a favicon it not only helps you have a better recognition but also it helps you get a better bounce rate. Yes, your website is open for a longer time on a browser you will have a better audience retention rate. So, all in all, the favicon is used.

It is used to build your brand value and public image also gives you some push in the search results. If you are not using a favicon visitors don’t consider it credible to visit. And, this credibility will help you get better engagement and audience retention on your website, in turn, helping in the SEO.

Importance of Favicon

Favicon is helpful in many ways but here are a few points that will explain to you the importance of favicon. But, you have to understand the fact that a favicon is of utmost importance as it is kind of the face of your company. Yes, a lot of people do not understand the importance of something that is very crucial. If you are one of those people then you are going to regret this.

Brand Recognition

In the real world, we all have a habit of sharing our visiting cards where w have details about the company. If you are not spending enough time and money on creating a visiting card it will have a negative impact on the brand value. The same goes for the favicon as it appears as the face of your company. People recognize your brand just by seeing the favicon on top of the browser.

So, it helps you build brand value and a recognizing factor in the minds of visitors. Let’s suppose you just downloaded an icon from the Google images and used it as your favicon. Now,m the thing is that somebody has already used it as their favicon or logo that’s why its there right? But, if somebody already knew that website from where you are copying the favicon what impression will he have about you?

They are probably going to assume that you are part of the same company or you are just copying them. It’s simple like that. So, why not put some efforts on creating your own distinct favicon that represents you.

Trust Factor

A favicon builds trust in the minds of visitors about your company and website. Yes, this is not a joke as the favicon is something that constantly appears on your website and if you are not seeing it, there is a question mark. It’s like something is missing from the whole company. You can take it like this, someone asks for your visiting card at some meeting and you don’t have it.

Let’s suppose a person has 3 websites open on his browser and one of which is yours. Now, two of these websites have a favicon that he can see but yours doesn’t have one. So, think it that. It’s obvious that he will not consider your website as genuine as the rest of the two. It might be that your website is new or lacks something that is why it doesn’t have an icon. But, the reality is that you did not upload the favicon just because you aren’t aware of it.

But, since now you are aware of what favicon is and how important it is to your company. So, why not get it on your website right now. Its simple to create a favicon with the step by a guide that we have in this blog and you can easily follow it.

Easy Identification

It’s simple that anyone can easily identify your company with the favicon only but how does it matter that much? Well, it matters a lot as its not the favicon only but also the symbol of identification. It’s okay that it appears on top of the browser but there is something more to it and that makes it even more important.

Let’s suppose there is a visitor who just opened your website but he is in a hurry. So, what he does is adds your website to his bookmarks so that he can access it later on. And, now when he comes back to his bookmarks he is kind of searching your website but he can’t find it. Don’t you think he will go to another website now? But, if your site had a favicon, it would have been a lot easier for him to find it.

So, having a good favicon also helps you in locating your site in the bookmarks. There are a lot of websites there and your favicon or logo appears before the name so why not start using it right away. Because you know that the competition is very stiff and people always look for alternatives. If they can easily identify your blog they will keep coming back again and again via bookmarks.

Helps in SEO

Favicons are not directly responsible in search engine optimization. However, Google recommends you to use favicons on your website. This thing affects psychologically to visitors. Yes, it’s not directly responsible for your rankings but it has some indirect effect.

When you search for anything on your mobile you see a favicon in the search results. The same thing happens with others too. And, let’s suppose your website is there in the search results but it does not have a favicon. search engines will show the default browser icon. And, since we already mentioned that favicon helps to build trust and brand recognition.

So, even if your website is appearing there in the search results but if it does not have a favicon then the visitors won’t click on your website. They will go to other websites with favicon and your rankings will go down automatically. So, it’s not directly affecting your ranking in the search results but it has some impact in the long run. So, place a favicon on your website and don’t lose on SEO just because of a simple icon.

How do you create a favicon?

Now, the obvious question that should come in your mind is how do you create a favicon? Creating a favicon is not that difficult as it is just an icon that you need to place it on your website. First things first, you can create a favicon using any of the photo editing applications.

It’s so easy that you can do it with even your phone using apps like Snapsheed, Picsart, Lightroom, Canva, etc.
But, we all have a favourite application called Adobe Photoshop. It is the best application for any kind of photo or image editing and there is no doubt about that.

So, if you are looking to make any kind of graphic even if it is a favicon, you should definitely use Photoshop. There you can take a plain canvas where you can draw your icon and get it in a png format. But, there is one thing with Photoshop is that its not that easy to operate.

So, if you are one of them who are unable to handle the editing in Photoshop then you can use any of the following websites. Just go to these sites and read their guidelines and you will easily be able to make it. Yes, it’s so simple like that
Dynamic Drive
Favicon from Pics
Favicon Generator
Degraeve Favicon
Gen Favicon

So, creating a favicon is very easy and even if you cannot create it you can simply use your logo as a favicon too. That’s amazing.

What is the Favicon Size?

Previously it used to be a 16×16 png image that appears on top of the browser. There are no strict rules about the image format. It can be of any format that is visible to the eyes. You can use jpg, jpeg, png or any other format you want to. But, the important thing is of its size. Even now a lot of companies use the same 16x16px format.

But, eventually, now the kind of standard is 32×32 pixels. In most of the cases, there is the 32×32 favicon appearing on top of the browser. And, some people even go for 48×48 px size.

It’s not like you have to use it in a particular size only. All you have to do is make a square icon or simply convert your logo in a usable format. That’s simple, isn’t it? And, the more important thing is to get a favicon not wasting time on searching about it. It does not really matter at all but if you keep the ideal size then it will perfectly appear in its place the way you want.

And, if you are not comfortable with the size of favicon them you can simply create a favicon with our guide below in this blog itself. Or else if you are using WordPress then you don’t have to worry about anything as it will automatically make any image a favicon.

How do I create a Favicon for my Website?

Now, let’s get to the simple process of how to create a favicon. We already told you the whole process that you can take to create a favicon. But if you are confused and want the answer to your question that how do I create a favicon? Then here is the answer.

Just go to this website called Favicon Generator. It’s a simple website that will help you create a favicon. They have a very simple interface where you will see an option to upload the image and once you click there you will have to upload an image. It could be your logo or any icon that you have downloaded from the Internet. And, this website will give you process everything and give you a favicon.

Now, you can download your favicon and place it on your website. If you are wondering how to place it on your website then you can do it like this. Just Copy and paste the code below to the section of your webpages: And, insert the link of your uploaded image file that you have downloaded from the Favicon Generator.

So, this is how you can create a favicon very easily. It becomes even easier with these websites being there to do the job. But, if you are using WordPress then you don’t even have to do anything as you can simply make your logo a favicon.

How to Add Favicon to your website?

Lets just come to the main question of how you can add a favicon to your website. Because creating a favicon is easy but the main task is of adding it to your website. You can add it to the head section with a code listed above. This is the code that should be pasted in the head section of your HTML code.

This is what you can do and do not forget to place your image location after the Href. So, do it right now and your favicon will start appearing on top.But, if your website is on WordPress then you can again do the same thing. But, it’s quite easy here as you can simply do it with a few clicks rather than manipulating the HTML Code.

Because you can edit your theme and add a favicon from there itself.Just go to the WordPress Dashboard and click on the theme customization option under Appearance. And, depending upon your theme you will get an op[tion of logo settings. It may be there inside the General Settings or somewhere in the front itself. So, find it and there you can upload an image and set it as your favicon. This is kind of much easier than placing a code on your website.

Conclusion— Now you know what a favicon is something that appears on top of the browser before the name of your website. It’s an icon that really represents your company and has a longer impact on the minds of visitors. It is like what a visiting card is representing you and your brand.

So, you have to be very careful about putting a favicon on your website. It could be even your logo but it should be something unique and memorable.You can create a favicon with any of the popular applications like Photoshop or anything that you are familiar with.

But, there are some popular websites using which you can easily create a favicon. It is generally 16×16, 32×32 pixels or in some other cases 48×48 pixels favicon. All you need is a square image in png format that can act as your favicon.Now, it’s up to you how do you want your favicon to be.

The only thing that matters is a favicon which can represent your website. It’s important that you have a good favicon it could be even your logo as it represents you. So, get yourself a favicon and be appealing to your visitors. It’s not directly responsible for your rankings but it has some long terms impacts on the health of your website.

There is one obvious thing that you should have a .ico file as your favicon in the format of 16×16 pixels. Convert your logo into a favicon using any of the above-mentioned websites and you will be able to add this on your website. You can add a favicon under the logo settings of your WordPress Theme editing.

What kind of favicon do you use?

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