7 Great Writing Platforms in 2020 That Pays Well To Their Writers

November 26, 2019
Writing Blogs Platforms

In this article, I have told about 7 Great Writing Blogs Platforms in 2020 that Pays Well to their Writers, So let’s start. If you are a writer then you must see them once. So you have been creating content for some time now, and you have not yet found a platform that pays you well.

It has been a long journey for you to get where you are, and you feel that you have perfected your writing skills in a particular genre or niche. You also think that it is high time that you get paid for your efforts. Despite all these, you do not have a single clue where to start or where to turn to. Do not worry, and we have all been through this phase in our lives.

Thanks to blogging, content marketing and self-publishing, you will no longer need to starve. What do I mean?

I mean that your writing can finally pay off, and you will no longer need to feel like you are wasting time writing content that does not earn you a single penny. It is high time that you explore your full capacity as a writer and makes as much money as you possibly can.

You will get paid for your creative ideas, academic content, and telling your story to the world just by writing content that you are familiar with, and most likely from the comfort of your home.

So what where can I find excellent writing opportunities?

In this article, I will pick out 7 of the best websites that I believe pay their writers well to create content. This will be a general overview which will explain the major types of writers that can get work on the websites and what they majorly focus on. The mentioned writing blogs Platforms may, in most cases, offer more than one service, but you will need to conduct further research on the topic in case you are willing to learn more about the mentioned websites.

7 Writing Blogs Platforms in 2020 that Pay their writers well

1. Peachy Essay

Peachy Essay Writing Blogs Platform

Peachy Essay is mainly an academic services provider that helps students at all levels of education to get their academic tasks completed. This is one of the best paying websites if you have high-level skills that are required to qualify as a writer on the platform.

You will need to pass a number of tests to get in, but if you can prove that you can produce high-quality work, you will definitely reap big working for this company. You will, however, need to write at a native level and have some academic writing experience.

2. Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger Writing Blogs Platform

If you are a blogger and you have not yet heard of this company, then you have definitely not carried out proper research. This is a great writing blogs platform where you can find good jobs and is also a fabulous site where you can recruit freelancers. You will be able to benefit from the various resources that are available to help you improve your writing, and you will get some of the highest paying blogging opportunities.

3. Upwork


This great marketplace acts as a linking channel for freelancers and potential employers. This platform will give you an opportunity to find and work with the most highly skilled individuals and the amount of money that you earn will depend on the job that is assigned to you and its level of complexity.

You can either be paid on an hourly or contract basis. The only major hitch is that the company will take 20% of what you earn, so you need to place high bids that cover your costs. Upwork that was known as oDesk in its earlier years is definitely one of the best paying websites.


This an easy to use website that offers some excellent opportunities, especially to freelance writers to writing blogs. Here, you just need to login and take a short test. Once you have acquired a good mark on the test, you will be allowed to access the website and pick articles depending on your level. Basic writers can only choose the low paying articles, but as you continue to write and clients give you good reviews, your level rises, and you will be handling high paying jobs in no time.

5. Freelancer

This is a freelancing website that offers many opportunities to different kinds of writers to writing blogs. Once you have successfully signed up and proven your writing prowess by completing a number of tests, you will be able to look at the available opportunities and pick the ones that are best suited for you. You can filter the listed jobs using language, required skills, and rates of pay.

6. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent

This is another great writing blogs platform where you will not be required to pay a fee to join. You just need to set up an excellent profile for potential customers, and you are in business. The platform, however, allows you to bid for jobs or to let clients invite you for their posting. This can be considered as one of the best paying websites since you can quickly negotiate with your client and agree on a reasonable rate.

7. PeoplePerHour

This is a great place to earn some good income since the company does not cut a percentage of your earnings. If you are a great writer, and you are sure of your content, you will always earn a sustainable amount of money here for each task that you complete. This is a site that has very high traffic and therefore has very many jobs that are listed for you to choose.

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